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Welcome Aboard


In order to make your arrival to the Black Knights as smooth as possible, please contact our Command Sponsorship Advisor, our command sponsorship advisor. Your sponsor will aid in your transition, acting as a source of local information and as an initial point of contact. You may also download our Welcome Aboard Package.


Single Sailors will be staying at the Black Knights barracks. To obtain a room and room key you will need to visit the BEQ Office on main side. Check-in with the barracks Petty Officer and they will escort you to your room.

On-Base Housing

Base housing is available to those who have dependents. You will need to notify admin of the number of dependents you currently have within your family so admin can submit the proper paperwork for an appropriate house. Space is limited, and if housing is unavailable you will need to find housing in the local area.


While on base you will most likely be eating at the Galley. Spuds restaurant currently serves as our galley and is located across the street from our barracks.

Navy Exchange (NEX)

If you're looking to visit the NEX you can get there by taking your first left when entering from the main side front gate. Follow the road and the NEX will be on your right-hand side.

Uniform Store

The base also has a uniform shop that is located near the front gas station. The uniform shop has all of the items that a person will need to update and maintain their uniforms and is normally open from 0900 till 1900.

NAS Lemoore is actually two bases in one: the Main Side, which has the NEX, Galley, Barracks, Hospital, and other living establishments; and the Ops Side, where operations are conducted and squadrons are based out of. The Ops area has its own Galley and medical clinic. Here is the official CNIC NAS Lemoore webpage. More information can be found at these links:


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